Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Lucky Find

I recently won an auction on Trademe for these two cute wooden toys-an ironing board and a clothes horse.
Dad made this little iron for me when I was about 4. Sofia always gets it out when I'm ironing and has been hankering for a board to go with it so I was so pleased to spot these. I only had to pay $16.
  Perfect for hanging the doll's clothes to dry.
And they fold up beautifully as well. Little treasures.


  1. aw that little clothes horse is so cute!

    My mum brought my eldest daughter a toy ironing board for her birthday once and since I NEVER iron, my girl didn't even know what it was! haha
    was a mission to find a toy iron to go with it as well.
    yay trademe

  2. awesome awesome awesome! what a good find. I'd love some of these!

  3. Great find! She looks so happy with it!


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