Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The chooks are my department. I love chooks and hope to build up a small flock of interesting characters.
Our first chooks came from Jen and John. This brown shaver is named Charlotte.
The girls love her because she will eat out of their hand.
This lady who, we've named Rose, and her four babies.
Unfortunately our little dog Coco killed one chick and the rest have turned out to be roosters:(
When Jen was offering me the mother hen with babies she said a rooster would be a compulsory accessory as he was 'in love' with the mother hen! This is him...
We bought two pullets from Little River at 10 weeks old. They're now nearly 20 weeks so fingers crossed that they will start laying soon. Sofia named them Flower-flower and Leaf-leaf.
Yesterday we added to our flock again.
This is Topaz and her four chicks
Next up, cows.

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