Monday, September 19, 2011

Mid Week Meal Idea-Corn Fritters

 I haven't made a meal plan this and it's when you don't that you realise how worthwhile they are. I'm sitting here thinking what am I going to make fortea, I really should get something out of the freezer etc but nothing is taking my fancy. Witht he weather the way it is here right now (pouring with rain) maybe I'll make some pumpkin soup and some kind of bread.
One night this last week we had corn fritters, wedges, streaky bacon and lazy coleslaw.
The wedges were the best I've ever made because they didn't stick and went really crispy-weird how that happens as I didn't do anything different to usual.
The bacon was FAR too salty.
The coleslaw I've called lazy because it was actually just shredded cabbage with this spicy dressing to add a bit of green and crunch to the meal.For the corn fritters I make a batter of eggs, milk, salt and pepper, flour and baking powder then add a tin of corn kernals, grated cheese, diced onion and some crushed garlic and red pepper if I have it. Shallow fry on each side until golden brown.

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