Friday, March 4, 2011

Rattling and Recent Projects

Well it's been a while since I was here. But thankfully I am still alive to be here now. Once again our city was rocked but a fricken big (notice my extremely technical term there!)earthquake. We feel so unlucky to have had to go through that again but lucky that we didn't have to fear for our lives, we didn't watch our home crumble around us and we have all our family and friends safe and well.
Anyway I have spent quite a bit of time in front of the news and can never sit and do that with idle hands so I have managed to create a few things and finish off some others.
These three cuties are now all up for sale in my Felt shop


  1. Glad to hear you are all ok, and have been keeping busy; me too :) Lots of preserving has occurred and a thrifted cabinet is being painted, thanks to all this spare time Paddy and I currently have on our hands.
    Much love to you and the whanau xx


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