Friday, March 18, 2011

Birthday Girl

Last weekend our second daughter, Na'uli, turned two. She woke very excited in our camp cabin. She put on her new dressing gown and danced around singing "birthday, birthday, birthday".
Her big cousin Zoe was put in charge of making a birthday cake. She was quickly surrounded by an eager group of helpers...
Awesome. Thanks Zoe:)
We had planned to have a picnic lunch on our way home but the weather was not great and we didn't find  a suitable spot on the trip home so we ended up back at our place for an indoor birthday picnic.
Happy birthday little one.
The following night we treated the girls to a meal out at a resaurant.


  1. what an awesome cake zoe! and dinner at a resturant, how special, hope it went okay! xo

  2. It was so nice to be with you guys and share na nas birthday


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