Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finishing Off

Are you like me and hate doing the finishing off bits of your craft projects? It feels great to knit the final  piece of a garment. I usually get on straight away to sewing it up to see how it looks as a whole. Then comes the sewing in of loose ends which I have to push myself to do there and then otherwise I won't feel like going back to it. Worst of all and something I often leave for at least a while, if not almost a year, is sewing on buttons.
Yesterday I finally got around to sewing the buttons on to these little baby shoes...
And this tunic/waistcoat, which I think I made about a year ago...
Both of these items will be for sale in my Felt shop and this gorgeous shop in Le Bons Bay.
Now will I finish off two other projects that need sewing up and buttons on or will I start on my next project?


  1. I love your projects! I, too, struggling with finishing. I once used very fancy silk yarn to knit a ballet wrap. I waited 2 years to sew up! By then I had lost a bunch of weight & the thing looked like a potato sack on me. I mostly do one piece knits now. I don't mind the weaving in ends as much as I do sewing up!

  2. So adorable. I love that your sister is offering help all the help being poured out is so wonderful and just the act of offering is an amazing encouragement in itself.


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