Thursday, February 3, 2011

Busyness in the Kitchen

 Sticky Buns using Annabel Langbein's recipe.
Its great beacuse it makes a big batch of dough so it can be halved and stored in the fridge or freezer then used at a later date (which makes it really easy and saves on rising time second time round)

Apricot honey from Amy's recipe here
So annoyed that I let the apricots catch on the bottom of the pot so it has a slightly burnt taste but will improve on that next time

Muesli Bars from a family recipe
And I pre-wrapped some to encourage the males in the house to take one for lunch(cos it might be a bit much trouble for them to have to get one out of the tin and wrap it themselves!)

Tomato sauce using the recipe in The Edmond's Book

Have you been doing any baking, preserving or any other delicious cooking lately?


  1. i make those buns yummy!! the second lot of dough is usually made the next day!

  2. hee, yeah I get you on the pre-wrapped slice :)

  3. Oh my goodness, those buns look amazing! Droooool :)

  4. You've been such a busy bee! I've been doing a bit too lately, such a good time for it at the moment! Now just waiting for the wild blackberries to ripen, and a crop of plums from my friend for plum sauce, yum!

  5. YUM! I so get you on the pre-wrapping... We've made homemade tortillas again last week - so yum we eat them plain or "blank" as my son puts it too! and... had to make banana muffins as the Aussie heat ripens them too fast... and I made chocolate sauce and had a banana split the other day too!... I made a tensy ammount of basil/almond pesto just to try - it was delish but then the basil got fried in 40 degree heatwave so can't make any more...and our (seemingly weekly) afghan scoff continues!! Seems like all our creating is in the kitchen now! Esp since I started few hrs at work again... all my sewing/ crocheting/ scrapbooking has taken back seat again to the 'papercraft' of tax/ GST/ bills/ insurance etc... blah... I'm going to have a banana muffin with choc sauce on top to cheer myself up and read your bun recipe - that look FAB!

  6. Hiya, sorry to be a pain but I couldn't find your contact details on your blog - can you fire me your email addy? It's just for the KMB database - would help a bunch!!!

    xx Sarah


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