Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Souperb Autumn Lunch

Yesterday started as one of those dull, grey mornings when I can't decide if it's worth hanging the washing on the line but as soon as I put it in the dryer the sun starts to shine. It was probably warmer outside than in but I didn't go out to check because it just looked cold-I guess that's Autumn.
Anyway a perfect day for one of my favourite meals...soup.
I chopped up a mixture of veges with some help from Sofia.
I then sauteed the veges in a big pot.
I added the liquid leftover from boiling some meat.
Simmered until tender then got out my trusty old mouli and pureed it up.

The girls and I enjoyed our tasty soup with some toasted homemade bread that I baked using a recipe I found on another blog (unfortunately I can't remember which one so I can't give them credit).
It's super easy as there's no kneading and it must be good because it disappears fast in our house.

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