Sunday, May 16, 2010

Button Beginnings

Up until recently I have only had a very tiny collection of fairly ordinary buttons. However the hoarder in me is coming out as I have found myself searching trademe and a few other places lately for some interesting buttons to bulk up my collection. Now that my collection has grown and being the sorter and organiser that I am I thought it was time to put some order into my buttons. I decided to sort them by colour. This is what Mum has done with her extensive stash of buttons and it seems to work quite well when searching for something to suit a particular garment. So having sorted them into their various hues I realised I didn't really have anything to store them in. Off to Save Mart, then St Vincent de Paul, then the Sallies in search of a few tins. I was quite pleased with my finds...
a darling little Winter dress for Na'uli                                                 and some cones of wool

           and yes I did get the tins that I set out to look for
And then of course I had to kind of match the button colour to the tin colour...

I wonder what other interesting and creative ways other people have come up with for organising and storing their buttons? I would love to hear about yours.


  1. ooh very nice! I only have a few buttons and I keep them in a little golden glass bowl - pretty boring really

    You have quite an impressive collection and I love the way you've sorted them into colours. And love that dress too!

  2. Cute! I don't have too many buttons, though I would love to add to my collection! Two small jars fit mine

  3. We are spending Saturday night checking blogs,now that these girls in our family have started them!!!!ie--Clare,Fran and Ingrid.
    Can't believe Fran's lucky shopping today.
    We think it is great to be able to see what you've been up to.
    Jill,Nicola and Jo.

  4. ooh, great finds, love that dress and the wool colours! Your button collection looks great in the tins all colour coordinated - how inspiring! :)

  5. What a bit of nostalgia....I don't collect buttons, but I do recall my dear Mom always having hers in a metal tin box.

  6. Love your collection Fran....I have got lot's of these sitting on a huge drawer. Thanks for the inspiration...I will try to sort out mine.

  7. ooooohhhh I love these buttons!!! Am a bit of a vintage button a holic!!! So lovely!!


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