Sunday, April 28, 2013

Market Stall

On Anzac day I joined up with my Mum and sister Jen to have a stall at the Little River Pumpkin Festival. It was such a warm sunny Autumn day. There was a good crowd, nice food and music and some huge pumpkins (the largest was 277kg!). Our stall was pretty successful. Along with my knitting and Mum and Jen's crafts we had fresh produce (quinces, lemons and limes), preserves (plum jam, cucumber pickle, plum sauce, walnuts), mini succulents and other handmade things from our sister Allie and other crafty Le Bons Bay people.
The set-up (and see my very own liitle Autumn pixie at the back there with Aunty Jen)
 Jen's upcycled and Kiwiana cushions

 Mum's baby clothes, Colleen's crochet scarves and Bree's softies
Allie's bags
 Colleen's crochet scarves and cowls (I bought one of these)
Mum's knitted penguins, little felt pixies and knitted pixie finger puppets
 Mum's baby pixies
Mum's Angel Tops
 Mum's baby trousers
 Pin cushions
 Chooky tea cosy
 Pin cushions and the Le Bons Bay Community Cookbook
 Jen's teacup pin cushions
 Mum's pixies
 Jen's little treasure bags

Mum's bean bag stacks

I came home with all of Mum's toys, baby wear and other bits. I am going to set up a Felt shop for her as soon as I get a spare minute to take some photos and write this space.


  1. Wow! What a wonderful selection you had - I would have had a lovely time choosing goodies from everyone - I look forward to browsing your mums Felt shop when you find the time :)

  2. Looks great!Good luck with Jo's Felt shop-I'm sure she will do well.xo

  3. Wow - great selection of stuff, will keep my eye out for the Felt shop.


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