Sunday, April 21, 2013

Handmade Baby

 Booties by Mum (I'm keen to try some of these for my shop)
 Spotty gown by Mum (hoping to create her a Felt shop sometime soon)
 Bib by Clare of Green Valley Crafts
 Shortie overalls by my Aunty Ingrid
 Vest by my sister Allie
Gingham rompers by my Mum...see she really needs a Felt shop
Acorn top and brown needlecord pants by Mum, such a cute Autumn outfit
Little chicken rompers by Mum
Shirt by Mum
Ticking shirt by Mum
Bib by Mum
Chicken rompers again
Needlecord pants by Mum
 Birdie bib by Mum
 Cardigan by Mum
Fabric toy by Clare. Booties from a craft stall in Cheviot
Crochet vest by Allie
Such a lucky little chap. Gorgeous on his own and even more gorgeous in his beautiful handmade things.


  1. Oh my gosh, Jo really should have a felt shop! Great idea!
    Hani is gorgeous, and such lovely handmade goodies x

  2. So much handmade loveliness,& so nice to see a wee chappie dressed like this.I used to make my boys little needlecord pants like that:)Hani is adorable.xo


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