Friday, May 11, 2012

Girl Style Friday: First Haircut

 For a while now I've been meaning to take Sofia to get her hair trimmed. The baby ends were getting dry and split. Once mentioned Na'uli wanted hers done too of course.
She had a tiny bit trimmed off...and sat like a startled possum in the chair.
 Sofia was so excited. She couldn't stop smiling. Naturally she wanted to see what was going on around the salon and wiggled around a bit...pity her hairdresser wasn't very child friendly and was quite growly!
She got several inches cut off and was very pleased with herself.
Sofia is wearing...
Top: Postie
Skirt: Pumpkin Patch Clearance
Tights: hand-me-down from Zoe
Shoes: from cousin Clara
Na'uli is wearing...
Top: Cotton on via Sofia
Leggings: Pumpkin Patch Clearance
Skirt: Pumpkin Patch Clearance
Boots: Country Road (Trademe $20, score!)


  1. awesome so cute and i bet sof just loved the hairdressers xx

  2. Beautiful girls, I've come across lots of growly hairdressers when I've taken Pete to get his hair cut! x

  3. cute :)
    shame about the mean hairdresser!


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