Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mid Week Meal: Bangers and Mash and Brussel Sprouts

Last night's dinner was a simple sausage casserole with potato and parsnip mash, carrots, and roasted brussel sprouts.
The casserole was simple as I used a Maggi packet (yea a bit lazy I know). I don't ususally go for those. The only other one I have ever used is Beef Stroganoff which is a real favourite in our house. So I just added onions, tomato sauce and sausages and I was actually quite impressed. Vinnie and the girls loved it as well.
Brussel sprouts! I think you either like them or hate them...or in my case you think you hate them but you actually like them! I drizzled mine with a little oil, seasoned with salt and pepper and added some crushed garlic. I roasted them uncovered for a while then covered with foil to prevent them burning. The girls weren't keen on these despite Sofia being the one that asked me to buy them-I think there was a "cute mini-cabbage" factor.
For those of you that don't know we have our nephew Vinnie living with us. He lived in Tonga until last year when he moved here to study. There's a lot of things he hadn't experienced (like snow up until last week) including brussel sprouts(yes there is a link here).
Last night as dinner was served...
He said "Oooh what are these?"
To which I replied "They're brussell sprouts. They are like tiny cabbages and they have an extra strong cabbagey taste".
He said " Ok so they're like a 'shot' of cabbage!" I thought that was pretty funny

I've made a few nice puddings in the last couple of weeks so I might share them next


  1. Yum. Now I have to convice Christian to eat them :)

  2. can't convince me with the brussel sprouts!!! Sorry you can keep them

  3. Dinner looks good, I love brussel sprouts with lots of pepper!

  4. Oh boy I LOVE brussel sprouts!!! My favourite is roasted with salt and pepper and a bit of butter. They go all nutty. I could actualy eat them everyday...


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