Friday, August 12, 2011

Girl Style Friday + What's been happening

Things have been busy around here the last few weeks. I got a sudden burst of enthusiasm and motivation which led to study, work and property purchase!
We run our own business which Paula set up on his own about 6 years ago. At the time I was teaching full time and told him that if he could do it on his own then it was a good idea and one day when I wasn't working and had time at home then I would get involved. So since I finished teaching to become a Mum to Sofia I have gradually become more involved and taken on more responsibilities in our company. Trouble is I am not a secretary (and never aspired to be one!) and I don't have much background knowledge on business management.
So with this burst of motivation I decided to enrol in a course through the Open Polytechnic to 'upskill' in business knowledge and management. It's pretty low key-just a few modules towards a certificate in Basic Small Business Management.
At the same time I decided to investigate returning to work. You see in my last year of teaching I was training to become a Reading Recovery teacher (a specialist teacher of remadial reading for 6 year olds). I trained up to 4 weeks into Term 4 then went on maternity leave. Sofia was born 2 days later, giving just 2 days off rather than the 10 I had planned!
Anyway I found out that I am able to complete my training in just 10 more weeks of part time teaching. I have taken the plunge and asked my old workplace to take me back which they were more than happy to do. Things are falling into place rather quickly. Only problem is now I need to find someone to care for the girls while I teach each morning.
I've decided to look for a home carer rather than daycare/preschool. I have met 2 people and wasn't 100% happy with either of them. It's such a hard decision when you've been at home with your children all their lives. I want to find just the right person but have realised it is going to be difficult to find someone who fits well with my parenting style, values and philosophy. I'm meeting a co-ordinator from another organisation on Monday so that will hopefully give me some more options.
During all of this we have spotted a property that is exactly what we have been hoping to find for a while now. Finding out if it is a viable option for us has involved meetings and phonecalls and emails with the real estate agent, accountant, lawyer and mortgage broker.

So yes things have been busy around here lately but it's fun and exciting and challenging.

Here's the girls today...posts are much more interesting with a photo don't you think?
Na'uli is such a little noodle, she purposely made this face for the photo...
And posed like this...
Sofia's cute shoes I scored on Trademe...


  1. Woohoo!! So many exciting things happening! It must be spring on the way, inspiration and energy over drive! :D

    Keep it up ;) (and good luck going back to teaching!!! Hope the day care works out! I've told a friend about you seeking a career. She's a nanny who's just moved to chch, and is probably the loveliest person I've ever met. No joke. She may get in touch...?)

  2. Wow busy lady. 10 weeks of training is awesome:) Love the boots, cute outfits:)

  3. Woweee, sounds like lots happening! Good luck with everything x

  4. Sounds so exciting - your little ladies are adorable. I can imagine it is a tricky choice to find that perfect person to take on such an important role. Hope it goes well.


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