Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Items listed in my Felt Shop

A while back I posted about my Pay-it-forward parcels that I sent out. What I had made was some 'handbag slippers'. You can see them being worn by some of the recipients here, here and here.
I got some great feedback on them so I decided to make a few more pairs and list them in my Felt shop.
They look like this to begin with...
Then like this when you wear them...
(Thanks for the picture idea Clare:))
You can follow this link to my shop. Also if you're interested I can make to order in a colour of your choice-just message here or through the shop.


  1. They sure look cool, your toes will be nice and toasty, cheers Marie

  2. Gorgeous! I hope you sell lots! x

  3. Awesome!! I can't even figure out how they must work from the first photo! Did you do the pattern yourself or get it from somewhere? Love them, good luck with the sales! x

  4. Yay - ordered already thanks so much for listing these, I have been hoping you would! :)

  5. Thanks Allana. They are in the post today:)


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