Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tamasi'i-A Little Boy

On 8 November 2012 our baby was born. We were blessed with a perfect little boy. He was born at 11:49pm after a short labour (most likely) brought on by an afternoon fall in the garden. He weighed 3370g/7lb 7oz.
We have given him his late grandfather's name and his Daddy's name
Here he is our little Haniteli Paulalolo...
He's just so gorgeous I can't choose my favourite photos...ok just a couple more...
And just to prove that sometimes he is awake!
Lucky us and lucky him. Our little Hani is so adored and so loved by all his family.


  1. Oh he is absolutely beautiful. Just SO gorgeous. COngratulations to you all and what a wonderful name too. xx

  2. Congratulations!!
    I JUST checked in on you earlier today to see if bub had been born yet!!!
    He's a beauty xx

  3. Gorgeous. Congratulations. Boys are fantastic too. I have 3! Cx

  4. Congratulations!! He is just so beautiful! So happy that he arrived safe and well :) Best wishes to all your family! xx

  5. Congratulations, so so happy for you!
    He is absolutely beautiful. I love the photos with his loving big sisters.

  6. Beautiful - congrats to you all. I'm sure you will have 2 wonderful helpers there!

  7. Oh my goodness - he is just perfect:)

  8. What a little honey, Congratulations and enjoy!

  9. He is so gorgeous - love the photos with his sisters. I'm mum to a girl and two wee boys - they are so much fun. I love how you put breastfeeder in your profile - fab! xo


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