Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We recently went on a family holiday to Fiji and Tonga. While we have been to Tonga lots of times we hadn't visited Fiji before. We imagined it would be very similar to Tonga but were surprised to find quite a few differences-size, landscape, vegetation, service and the Indian/Hindu culture etc.
The weather was amazing such a nice contrast to the heavy rain we had been having here in Christchurch. We stayed at a wonderful resort which offered everything we could wish for. It was so well organised and maintained and the food and staff were brilliant. It was a beautiful, relaxing four days.

Our bure
 Time for a dip
 So warm we could even swim at night
 Fun at the pool
 Sofia was not afraid to hold a frog we found
 A stroll on the beach
Na and Daddy under the coconut trees

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