Saturday, April 14, 2012

Craft Stall

A couple of weeks ago my nephew's school was having a car boot sale to fundraise for their enviroclub. Two of my sisters, our Mum and me combined our crafty goodness to have a stall.
Mum's bibs. Lemon syrup, mint sauce and pickle.
 Mum's draw-string bags, knitted dolls, gnomes and animals. Jen's bunting.
 My knitted cardigans, jerseys and booties. Mum's knitted bonnets and dishcloths. Allie's crocheted baby hats.
 Oamaru Stone carvings and jewellery by Stone the Crows
 Mum's lavender bags, knitted gnomes, bean bag sets, cup cake pin cushions and pot stands
Jen's needle felted brooches, glasses cases, bags and pin cushions.
Woollen cushions and tea cosy by Jen, Mum's knitted tea cosy. Allie's screen printed t-shirts.
 Bags made by Allie. Water bottle holders and scarves made by Bree
Hearts made by Jen

Unfortunately we sold NOTHING. A bit of a disappointment but perhaps not what people were expecting to see and maybe more than they wanted to spend considering most other stalls were second-hand goods.


  1. WHAT!? I can't believe you guys sold nothing! I would have spent up large I assure you! It all looks beautiful xo

  2. So much gorgeous crafty goodness!!! You are obviously from a talented family.
    Can't believe that you didn't sell anything, like Clare I would've spent up large.

  3. It all looks great! What a shame you didn't sell disappointing.Know that feeling when you're all geared up & have put all that effort in,only to not have it sell.But don't give up,plenty of other outlets,& appreciative people!xo

  4. You're all so creative! I can't believe you didn't sell either, but I've sat through a few similar markets too.

    What size are those red and grey striped baby knits in? Maybe I need one for my daughter!

  5. To buy obviously. I'm not just dropping a major hint! :)

  6. Thanks for all the comments.
    Manda, the red and grey cardigan is listed in my online shop ( is 3 month size. I don't have the red and grey jersey/pullover with me and it's not listed either but I think it is 6 months. I can make to order too if there is something you have in mind

  7. looks great Frannie I want your photos for my blog you want to email them cause I want to sell your blog post!!!I musn't have had my camera that day

  8. Oh what a cool set up, lovely items an display.
    Sometimes I believe the right person was not at that particular event, so do not worry about your prices etc, as it was just that the people who would have bought your lovely creations, could not make it on the day. This is what I have worked out over the years. cheers Marie

  9. Wow, your family is amazing! EVERYTHING on those tables would have tempted me too. Wrong market I'd say, but you should all definitely do a craft market stall somewhere else. Hmm, just wish I was in NZ to come and see :)


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