Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Baking

I finally found my baking mojo this week! The biscuit crumbs have been flying and melted chocolate splattering. This is what I have made so far...
They have a ginger filling. I would recommend them but found it very difficult to cut the pretzels into antler shapes
It wasn't until I had only a couple left to do that I realised the antlers should face inwards (so they wouldn't look like mice!)
Oreo Cookie Balls
I tasted these made by someone else. A peppermint version can be found here. I used that recipe but omitted the candy canes. These are SCRUMPTIOUS.
Very nice if you like licorice

Fudge Tree Pops
This recipe was in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine December 2011
Very easy, very yummy.
White Chocolate Truffles
These were far too sticky to roll so I added biscuit crumbs. They have a toasted hazelnut in the centre.
This recipe was also in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine December 2011


  1. Wow, you have been busy. Must feel good having so much to show for your efforts. Have a great Christmas. Cx

  2. Yum!! I wish I could have one of those oreo balls with my coffee! good work :)

  3. These look fantastic and those pops - what a super cute idea. And Digby Law's stuff is always so good. Happy New Year


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