Friday, April 23, 2010

So wanting to Sew

I'm really keen to get sewing.  I went to a fabric shop and asked for the easiest A Line skirt pattern thay had. The packet said 'Make it in one hour.' Brought it home...called Mum for advice on the terminology...found I didn't have enough fabric...took about an hour to pin on the pattern (making alterations to the size) out sewing machine...machine wouldn't work...took machine to be repaired...collected machine two weeks later...started sewing skirt...couldn't work out the waist band...waited for mum to visit..."How come the zip is way down there?" says Mum..."Why is the waistband that long?" says Mum...she showed me how to sew the waistband...two weeks later and I still haven't...
I decided to enrol in a sewing class, only now it looks like there's not enough people interested for the class to run. Grrrrr.
Oh well, just have to keep searching Trademe for some fabric in the meantime.
Here's some pattern ideas waiting to be made


  1. Oh dear!!! Maybe you need to go over to the bay for a holiday so she can teach you! Keep trying it will be worth it :)

  2. Yea but I think I need to go without the children because they monopolise Mama's time!

  3. Oh!! Best of luck! How frustrating! I did some night classes and made some maternity pants (it was very handy to have the person there to help you along). 9 years on and 4 children later, I have forgotten everything I have I am starting off with simple tutorials on the net. So far I have made a few headbands for my daughters. Let me know if you are interested, and I will send you the links!


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